Oct 31 2011

4 tips on improving your writing skills

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1) Read, read, read: It is not so much quantity as quality. It is also particularly important for translators that their reading be relevant to their work. So, for example, as a financial translator the Financial Times is the perfect place for me to stay current with financial market terminology.

2) Copy from the best: As you read the newspaper or books, don’t be afraid to jot down expressions or turns of phrase that appeal to you and that you feel might be of use at some stage. Continually flip through your scrapbook to try and improve your active language skills.

3) Keep a thesaurus at hand: Freshen up your writing and expand your vocabulary. Your thesarus should be as thumbed through as your favourite dictionary.

4) Get your hands on a few style guides: My personal favourite is the Economist style guide. Much like Herodotus this will be a lifetime relationship. Read and re-read and try and ingest as many tips as possible.

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Oct 21 2011

HBR’s Guide to Finance Basics for Managers.

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Just had this offer float into my inbox this morning from the Harvard Business Review: HBR’s Guide to Finance Basics for Managers.

I generally don’t have the time to do anything more than skim through these emails but this one certainly caught my eye. I often get calls from fellow translators asking what they need to do to become a financial translator. I normally say Read, Read, Read and point them to the FT or their equivalent local newspaper. From now on, I think I might be adding this little HBR guide to my list. Priced at $19.95 it provides a plan-English introduction to some topics that are musts for any financial translator, including articles on reading financial statements and covering many of the key financial concepts used by companies.


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