Dec 04 2014

Legacy of Miguel Llorens

Category: TranslatorsFinancial Translator @ 6:18 pm

Financial translators the world over were shocked by the untimely death of our colleague Miguel Llorens. Miguel had a larger than life presence in what is a pretty sedate world. He wrote often and at length. One wonders how he found the time. Every post was full of passion and left the audience gasping for more. A coffee and Miguel’s latest musings were the perfect break. His words were not, however, just meant to entertain but more to educate, raise awareness and argue for a better world.

In order to preserve his legacy, Jordi Balcells Antón has very thoughtfully compiled all of Miguel’s writings and asked that additional copies be distributed on the web. I’m honouring his request.

Jordi’s original post, dated 30 September 2013, can be found here:–miguel-llorens-legacy.html?showComment=1380605612139

Should it no longer be available, you can download an archive containing ePUB, MOBI (Kindle) and PDF versions by clicking here.

May he rest in peace!

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