Oct 27 2011

Certificate in International Financial Reporting Standards

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Looking to brush up on your  IFRS knowledge? This qualification from the highly respected ACCA (http://www2.accaglobal.com/about/) is perfect. The bottom line is that you come out of the course with a much more in-depth understanding than when you started. I had long been trying to pluck up the courage to read through the IFRS. I had managed to work through a number of basic student guides but this course takes you well beyond that into the very text of the standards. In that respect a paper copy of the IFRS is essential but you should be able to pick up a cheap copy on Amazon. The course is broken down into modules, most of which require you to read through a number of standards. They also include exercises, which are a bit of a joke in that you can see other participant’s answers before you input yours. That said, the exam itself is rather challenging so it is worth taking the whole thing seriously and the certificate certainly indicates a certain level of domain expertise. Overall definitely recommended.


Official course blurb:

CertIFR offers a comprehensive introduction and updates to the field of International Financial Reporting and International Financial Reporting Standards, tracing the history of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) from its early roots through to the recent changes and future developments. Structured in a readable and user-friendly format, the course distils key information into easy-to-digest bullet points, provides useful summaries and examines, topic-by-topic, specific standards. Frequently asked questions and answers expand on the points covered, while case studies are based on real-life examples. In addition a large number of exercises, multiple-choice questions and sample answers enable you to confidently test your knowledge and guide you as you progress through the course.



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