Oct 21 2011

HBR’s Guide to Finance Basics for Managers.

Category: Training toolsFinancial Translator @ 7:17 pm

Just had this offer float into my inbox this morning from the Harvard Business Review: HBR’s Guide to Finance Basics for Managers.

I generally don’t have the time to do anything more than skim through these emails but this one certainly caught my eye. I often get calls from fellow translators asking what they need to do to become a financial translator. I normally say Read, Read, Read and point them to the FT or their equivalent local newspaper. From now on, I think I might be adding this little HBR guide to my list. Priced at $19.95 it provides a plan-English introduction to some topics that are musts for any financial translator, including articles on reading financial statements and covering many of the key financial concepts used by companies.


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